1 min readNov 18, 2021

Rational Thoughts And Saving Money

How we judge the product actually saves your money. With daily rush to buy the product, we actually without rational thinking, waste the money without gauging the true benefit to us. This is all about consumer behaviour. Many a times, we waste many $ 5s but, it adds to big money losing in a whole month atleast. OMG!!!

Better, we sit in a room work out for our necessity and buy actually we need the product and does it last long for our utility, bringing daily happiness.

This is basically a trick many product makers fix the prices basically to attract the customers.

Biotin supplements has become buzzword in many customers basically to improve from baldness or nurture for hair growth. But, biotin as per daily requirement is available in naturally consumed foods. Be it almonds, milk, banana and much more. Do we need supplements. People nowadays believe capsules than naturally occuring foods. Its just no frugal living but, rational living too.

People are becoming addicted online shopping sites, they ogled to magically attractive packaging or designs and start wasting every hard earned money in every cheap products it maybe.

Instead, lets save for our future and enjoy early retirement and sound health.


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